The Proliner measures X, Y, and Z coordinates input by the operator to transform objects into digital images. A pen wired to a rotating head measures the Z axis, and the rotating head measures the X and Y axes.

To measure an object, the fabricator places the pen on relevant points on the object and clicks a button on a handheld clicker.


The Proliner automatically connects these points, transforming them into shapes, which are stored as digital CAD files.

The digital images, are then manipulated using our CAD software and exported to our plotter/cutter. Whether 2D or 3D, the Proliner effectively replaces traditional patterning methods.


  • Accurate to 1/16"-inch.

  • Store files on a portable drive.

  • Simple CAD functions help verify measurements on site.

  • Touchscreen allows easy input of information and immeditate views of measurements.

  • Measurements are saved as DXF (digital exchange files), the most commonly shared file types by CAD softwares.

  • Device measures from the horizontal and vertical positions, upside-down, and fastens to a tripod. It is small, light, and self contained.

  • Leap Frog allows the measuring of objects that would otherwise be out of range.

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