Rhino 3-D

Rhino is a powerful 3D Modeler that uses NURBS to create curves and surfaces. Rhino is as well suited to 2D drafting as it is to 3D modeling. It is our CAD software of choice. Features:

  • Views from any angle.

  • Intuitive layout, easily learned commands, dynamic pan and zoom.

  • Flattens 3D surfaces to 2D patterns.

  • Imports/Exports to the other CAD software applications, the Proliner, and the Plotter/Cutter.

  • Accurate to 1/64"

  • Costs thousands less than comparable CAD software applications.

  • Rhino:           $   995

  • Solid Works:  $3,500  -  $3,900

  • Auto CAD:     $3,500  -  $3,900

Visit www.rhino3d.com to learn more about Rhinocero.

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