Joining the Fight Against COVID-19

Because of the impact of COVID-19 virus, we have shifted some our manufacturing efforts to serve the needs of our community and first responders. 

Since the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is so difficult, we will be manufacturing protective face shields and masks. 

We currently have masks and face shields available, as well as MERV-13 filters for mask added protection.

 Visit the store to order. 

Our President and CEO, Mike Erickson, arrived back from Taiwan with the mask making machine in tow. He launched New Norm Live, LLC, to provide medical and non-medical masks here in the U.S.A. The local NBC affiliate, WPTV, came out for a visit to have a look. Check out the video and visit the New Norm Live website for more information. 


Any boat is a big investment. Canvas Designers® offers maintenance products to keep your boat looking great, season after season.

Or maybe your want to make your great boat even greater by adding a Sunfly or a Yeti cooler product to beat the heat. In either case, Canvas Designers® has you covered.

Protective Gear
Sunfly Poles
Shop our selection of Sunfly poles. Available in stainless steel or carbon fiber.
Enclosure Care
Take care of your investment with our selection of maintenance products.
Add a Bridge-Master window to your existing enclosure to provide improved visibility in any weather.
Fabric Care
Surface Care
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